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Dame Averil Millicent Cameron is Professor ofLate Antique and Byzantine History in the University of Oxford, and was formerly the Warden of Keble College, Oxford between 1994 and 2010.

Previously Professor of Ancient History (1978–89) and Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (1989–94) at King's College London.

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Honorary Doctorates in Letters from the Universities of Warwick, St Andrews, Aberdeen and the Queen's University of Belfast


Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London


Fellow of the British Academy


Fellow of the Ecclesiastical History Society


Fellow of King's College London

Enforcing Orthodoxy in Byzantium
Автор анализирует развитие традиции насильственного утверждения ортодоксальной доктрины (так, как она понималась в каждый конкретный момент) в Византийской империи. Признавая, что по сравнению с Западной Европой Византия отличалась большей терпимостью к инакомыслию, автор настаивает, что сама идея религиозной свободы и отказа государства от насильственного утверждения религиозного единообразия среди подданных является по отношению к той эпохе совершенным анахронизмом.
Doctrine and Debate in the East Christian World, 300-1500
The reign of Constantine (306-37), the starting point for the series in which this volume appears, saw Christianity begin its journey from being just one of a number of competing cults to being the official religion of the Roman/Byzantine Empire. The involvement of emperors had the, perhaps inevitable, result of a preoccupation with producing, promoting and enforcing a single agreed version of the Christian creed. Under this pressure Christianity in the East fragmented into different sects, disagreeing over the nature of Christ, but also, in some measure, seeking to resist imperial interference and to elaborate Christianities more reflective of and sensitive to local concerns and cultures. 

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