The New Cambridge History of the Bible: Volume 4. From 1750 to the Present
Четвертый том фундаментальной 4-томной истории Библии, охватывающей все исторические, лингвистические, культурные, социальные и богословские аспекты библейского текста и его переводов. Каждая глава книги написана лучшими специалистами в соотвествующей области.
Oxford University Press , 2015 г.  868 с.  ISBN 9780521858236


Introduction John Riches

Part I. Producing the Text:

1. Critical editions and the development of text-critical methods, part 2: from Lachmann (1831) to the present Eldon Epp
2. Producing the text: production and distribution of popular editions of the Bible Leslie Howsam and Scott McLaren
3. Translations of the Bible and the cultural impulse Lamin Sanneh

Part II. New Modes of Study of the Bible:

4. The History of Religions School Wayne A. Meeks
5. The archaeological study of the Bible Keith Whitelam
6. Source, form, redaction, and literary criticism Janice Capel Anderson
7. Social-scientific readings Halvor Moxnes
8. Reception history Ian Boxall
9. The uses of the Bible in theology W. T. Dickens
10. Idealist/Hegelian readings Peter C. Hodgson
11. Liberal readings of the Bible and their conservative responses Mark Chapman
12. The use of the Bible in dialectical theology Timothy Gorringe
13. Existential(ist) interpretation of the New Testament Robert Morgan
14. Liberationist readings of the Bible Christoшpher Rowland
15. Feminist readings Jorunn Økland
16. Postcolonial readings Stephen D. Moore
17. Jewish readings of the Bible Marc Zvi Brettler and Edward Breuer
18. The Bible in philosophy and hermeneutics Werner G. Jeanrond
19. Fundamentalist readings of the Bible Harriet Harris

Part III. Reception of the Bible Geographically:

20. The Bible in Africa Gerald West
21. The Bible in North America Mark Noll
22. The Bible in Latin America Néstor Míguez and Daniel Bruno
23. The Bible in Asia R. S. Sugirtharajah
24. The Bible in Europe David Thompson

Part IV. Reception of the Bible Confessionally:

25. The Bible in the Orthodox Church from the seventeenth century to the present day Konstantinos Skouteris and Constantine Belezos
26. The reception of the Bible in Roman Catholic tradition Peter Neuner
27. The Bible in Protestantism from 1750 to 2000 Mark W. Elliott
28. New churches: Pentecostals and the Bible Edmund J. Rybarczyk
29. The Bible in interfaith dialogue S. Wesley Ariarajah

Part V. Thematic Overview: Reception and Use of the Bible, 1750–2000:

30. The Bible in society Willard M. Swartley
31. The Bible in literature Elena Volkova
32. The Bible in film Gaye Ortiz and William R. Telford
33. The Bible in music Tassilo Erhardt
34. The Bible in art Michael Wheeler
35. The Bible and science Nicolaas A. Rupke
36. The Bible and hymnody J. R. Watson

Conclusion John Riches.

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