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Cameron, Averil, Prof. Dame
The Diaconate in Today’s Church
In this essay, written as a submission to the Theological Committee of the Episcopal Assembly of Orthodox Bishops for Great Britain and Ireland, Fr Gregory Hallam examines the role of the diaconate in the Orthodox Church today in the light of its historical development, and calls for its renewal for the benefit of the Church and the world. Fr Gregory is Dean of the Antiochian Orthodox Deanery of the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Inner River: A Pilgrimage to the Heart of Christian Spirituality
In Inner River, Kyriacos Markides—scholar, researcher, author, and pilgrim—takes us on a thrilling quest into the heart of Christian spirituality and mankind’s desire for a transcendent experience of God. From Maine’s rugged shores to a Cypriot monastery to Greece’s remote Mt. Athos and, ultimately, to an Egyptian desert, Markides encounters a diverse cast of characters that allows him to explore the worlds of the natural and the supernatural, of religion and spirit, and of the seen and the unseen.
Report on the Fourth QuOTE Meeting in Thessaloniki, April 23–27, 2012
The Fourth Meeting of QuOTE (Quality in Orthodox Theological Education) took place in the University Ecclesiastical Academy of Thessaloniki from Monday April 23rd to Friday April 27th.
Feminism in Christianity: An Orthodox Christian Response
First published in 1983 by the Orthodox Christian Publications Center, this little book is by a modern woman who investigates a modern phenomenon, the Women’s Movement, and its effects on religious thought. The author explores how feminist thought gave birth to feminist theology, and then contrasts the religious tenets embraced by feminist theologians with those held by Orthodox Christians.