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Hayward, Susan; Frydenlund, Iselin. Religion, Secularism, and the Pursuit of Peace in Myanmar.

Saiya, Nilay. Pluralism and Peace in South Asia.

Mabon, Simon. Desectarianization: Looking Beyond the Sectarianization of Middle Eastern Politics.

Cremer, Tobias. The Resistance of the Protestant Church in Nazi Germany and its Relevance for Contemporary Politics.

Wodon, Quentin. Symposium on Catholic Schools and the Changing Global Landscape for Faith-Based Education: An Introduction.

Glenn, Charles L. Does Catholic Distinctiveness Matter in Catholic Schools?

Baxter, Kevin. Avoiding the “Nokia Fate” in Catholic Education: The Case of the United States and the National Catholic Education Association.

D’Agostino, T. J. et al. Faith-Based Education in Changing Social, Economic, and Political Contexts: Perspectives from Catholic Educators in Kenya.

Richard, Philippe. Representing Catholic Education Globally: The Role and Potential of the International Office of Catholic Education.

Wodon, Quentin. Measuring the Contribution of Faith-based Schools to Human Capital Wealth: Estimates for the Catholic Church.

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