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Mango M.M. Silver from Early Byzantium. Walters Art Gallery, 1986

Каталог выставки ранневизантийского серебра, состоявшейся с 18 апреля по 17 августа 1986 года в Walters Art Gallery, Балтимор, США. Книга снабжена научными комментариями и неплохо проиллюстрирована. 307 черно-белых иллюстраций.




Evans, Helen. Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261–1557). Metropolitan Museum of Art/Yale n Pr, 2004

The fall of the Byzantine capital of Constantinople to the Latin West in 1204 during the Fourth Crusade abruptly interrupted nearly nine hundred years of artistic and cultural traditions. In 1261, however, the Byzantine general Michael VIII Palaiologos triumphantly re-entered Constantinople and reclaimed the seat of the empire, initiating a resurgence of art and culture that would continue for nearly three hundred years, not only in the waning empire itself but also among rival Eastern Christian nations eager to assume its legacy. Byzantium: Faith and Power (1261–1557), and the groundbreaking exhibition that it accompanies, explores the artistic and cultural flowering of the last centuries of the "Empire of the Romans" and its enduring heritage.


Hendy M.F. Coinage and money in the Byzantine Empire. 1081-1261. J.J. Augustin, 1969

Классическое исследование по истории монетного дела Византии.





Lynda Garland. Byzantine Empresses: Women and Power in Byzantium AD 527-1204. Routledge, 1999

The first extended work in the field since Charles Diehl published his Figures Byzantine more than ninety years ago, Byzantine Empresses provides much-needed historical data in an accessible and up-to-date form. Using a chronological approach, Lynda Garland provides a series of biographical portraits of the most significant Byzantine women who ruled or shared the throne between 527 and 1204. She presents and analyzes the available historical data in order to outline what these empresses did, what the sources thought they did, and what they wanted to do. Revealed are stories of imperial women who had considerable resources, such as powerful patronage, their own courts of women, eunuchs and ministers and who wielded an enormous amount of influence, such as total government control and the power to issue coinage and decrees.


Ed. Pevny O.Z. Perceptions of Byzantium and Its Neighbors (843-1261). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000

Книга представляет собой материалы симпозиума, проведенного в The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Разбирались вопросы взаимовлияния культур Византии и государств ее круга.




Timothy E. Gregory. A History of Byzantium. Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2005

This book is a concise narrative of Byzantine history from the time of Constantine the Great in AD 306 to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. The author presents Byzantium as a vital society, important in its own right, but also one that served as a bridge between East and West, and ancient and modern society. A History of Byzantium uses the chronological political history of the empire as a narrative frame, but balances politics with a consideration of social and economic life and the rich culture of Byzantium. Visual documents, such as photographs of art, architecture, and implements from daily life, are used alongside the text to raise questions about life in the Byzantine Empire.


John Haldon. Byzantium at War AD 600–1453. Osprey, 2002

Книга освещает историю византии на протяжении 800 лет.





Myrto Hatzaki. Beauty and the Male Body in Byzantium: Perceptions and Representations in Art and Text. P al gra ve M acm illan, 2009

Beauty and the Beast looks into physical beauty in Byzantium, and reveals a quality with an unmistakable dark side. It is the curious dynamics of beauty in general, and male beauty in particular, that this book aims to unravel in a way that affects our perception of the (male) body in Byzantium and of beauty in the Byzantine world.



Richard Bodley Scott. Decline and Fall. Byzantium at War. Osprey, 2008

Войны Византийской Империи.





D. Nicolle, J.Haldon, S. Turnbull. The Fall of Constantinople. The Ottoman Conquest of Byzantium. Osprey Publishing Ltd, 2007

Красиво иллюстрированная книга ведет хронику истории Византии, защиты Константинополя и его эпической осады.



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