Only 1% of Russia's Orthodox believers active in parish life

15% of Russia's Orthodox believers are involved in parish life, but only 1% actively, according to a poll recently conducted by the Sreda pollster and the Public Opinion Foundation.

Women, residents of the Central Federal District and Moscow, office employees and respondents aged between 55 and 64 participate or want to participate in parish life more often than other groups, Sreda told Interfax-Religion on Wednesday.

77% of those who identify themselves as Orthodox believers are not involved in community life and 28%, mostly residents of small towns with populations of 50,000 to 250,000, parents of two children and respondents who described themselves as happy, want to participate but cannot for various reasons.

Respondents over 65 years of age, residents of large cities except Moscow, parents with one child and citizens with health problems said they do not want to participate in community life.

The poll was conducted in 100 cities and villages in 44 regions and involved 1,500 respondents.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said recently that the organization of appropriate and active community life ranks among the main tasks today.

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