Seven Days on the Roads of France
This book follows Vladimir Lossky's attempt to enlist in the French army after the Nazi invasion of France in 1940. It records his reflections on suffering; the true nature of Christian or Western civilization; the rightness or otherwise of war; the problematic relationship between Church and State; what we mean by a "nation"; and secularization. Such issues are mulled over, not as arid abstractions, but by someone who, as he walks across an increasingly war-torn landscape, quite literally has his feet on the ground.
2012 г.  114 с.  ISBN 978-0-88141-418-9

A revelation to those who know only Lossky's more scholarly works – here one discovers his rounded personality, his warm humanity, and his love not only of Christian France but of the West in general.

Vladimir Lossky was one of the most influential Orthodox thinkers and writers of the twentieth century. Michael Donley is a writer and translator, and an expert in French literature.

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