The New Cambridge History of the Bible: Volume 2. From 600 to 1450
Второй том фундаментальной 4-томной истории Библии, охватывающей все исторические, лингвистические, культурные, социальные и богословские аспекты библейского текста и его переводов. Каждая глава книги написана лучшими специалистами в соотвествующей области.
2018 г.  1067 с.  ISBN 9781108703840


Part I. Texts and Versions:

1. The Hebrew Bible Judith Olszowy-Schlanger
2. The Greek Christian Bible Barbara Crostini
3. Jewish Greek Bible versions Nicholas de Lange
4. The Bible in Latin c.600 to c.900 Pierre-Maurice Bogaert
5. The Bible in Latin c.900 to Trent Frans van Liere
6. The Bible in Ethiopic Ephraim Isaac
7. The Bible in Arabic Sidney H. Griffith
8. The Bible in Armenian S. Peter Cowe
9. The Bible in Georgian Jeff W. Childers
10. The Bible in Slavonic Henry Cooper
11. The Bible in Germanic Andrew Colin Gow
12. The Bible in English Richard Marsden
13. The Bible in the languages of Scandinavia Bodil Ejrnæs
14. The Bible in French Clive R. Sneddon
15. The Bible in Italian Lino Leonardi
16. The Bible in Spanish Gemma Avenoza

Part II. Format and Transmission:

17. The Bibles of the Christian East Georgi R. Parpulov
18. Carolingian Bibles David Ganz
19. The Latin gospelbook c.600–1200 Dorothy Shepard
20. The glossed Bible Lesley Smith
21. The thirteenth-century Bible: Paris and beyond Laura Light
22. Romanesque display Bibles Dorothy Shepard
23. Latin and vernacular apocalypses Nigel Morgan
24. The Latin Psalter Theresa Gross-Diaz
25. Illustration in Biblical manuscripts: East and West John Lowden

Part III. The Bible Interpreted:

26. Byzantine Orthodox exegesis Tia M. Kolbaba
27. The Patristic legacy: exegesis to c.1000 John J. Contreni
28. The early schools, c.900–1100 Guy Lobrichon
29. The Bible in Medieval universities William J. Courtenay
30. Scripture and reform Mary Dove
31. Jewish Biblical exegesis from its beginnings to the twelfth century Robert A. Harris
32. The Bible in Jewish-Christian dialogue Anna Sapir Abulafia
33. The Bible in Muslim-Christian encounters David Waines

Part IV. The Bible in Use:

34. The Bible in the Medieval liturgy, c.600–1300 Joseph Dyer
35. The use of the Bible in preaching Siegfried Wenzel
36. The Bible in the spiritual literature of the Medieval West E. Ann Matter
37. Literacy and the Bible Marie-Luise Ehrenschwendtner
38. The Bible and canon law Gerald Bray
39. The Qur'an and the Bible Angelika Neuwirth

Part V. The Bible Transformed:

40. The Bible in public art 600–1050 John Mitchell
41. The Bible in public art 1050–1450 C. M. Kauffmann
42. Icons of the Eastern Church Robin Cormack
43. Medieval verse paraphrases of the Bible Evelyn Birge Vitz
44. Staging the Bible Lynette R. Muir

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