The Hallmarks of the Trinitarian Differentiation between Eastern and Western Christianity/essence-hypostasis distinction, filioque and essence-energy differentiation/
This paper represents an attempt to reopen the pending file of Christian division. Salient to this paper is the idea that it is the process of the Trinitarian differentiation between West and Orient that created the hiatus grown ever more apparent to date. It started seemingly at the time of Augustine and culminated in the experience of the ultimate alienation of Christian creed at the time of Gregory Palamas when Westerners and Orientals propounded distinctive creeds contravening each other. It is up to debate whether holding onto doctrines or rather leveling any dogmatic distinction should allow the modern Christians to make a headway into the world of Christian unity. One thing is clear—the Christian identity seems to be on the verge of extinguishing if faith is blunted with doubts, uncertainties and contradictions.