Нанкивэл Джон, прот.
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Fr John Nankivell is Priest of the Orthodox Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God in Walsall, UK, and Principal of the Thyateira Midland Ecclesiastical Seminary.

Библиография работ автора: St Wilfrid (SPCK Press, 2003)
The Great Fathers of the Fourth Century and Their Significance for Us Today
Fr John Nankivell answers the question of why Christians today should read the great Fathers of the Fourth Century such as SS John Chrysostom, Basil and Gregory of Nyssa. Giving an overview of their lives and writings, he looks at what we can learn from their approaches and how we can apply this to our own lives.
A Syrian Greek Archbishop: God’s Gift to Canterbury
As the Church of England prepares for a new Archbishop of Canterbury, Fr John Nankivell looks at the life and lasting influence of an earlier Archbishop of that see, St Theodore of Tarsus, focusing on the many ways in which this holy, wise and learned man transformed the Church in England.