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Praying with the body: the hesychast method and non-Christian parallels
Metropolitan Kallistos addresses the question of whether there are parallels between the hesychastic method of prayer and other apparently similar techniques of prayer in Hinduism and Islam. Looking at the origins of hesychasm and the teachings of figures such as St Gregory Palamas, St Gregory of Sinai and Nikiphoros the Hesychast, Metropolitan Kallistos addresses the question: is the Jesus Prayer an essential and authentically Christian practice, or is it unnecessary and perhaps even harmful?
The Jesus Prayer in St Gregory of Sinai
Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia examines the teachings of St Gregory of Sinai (1255-1346) on the Jesus Prayer. Describing both the form of the Prayer and the inward and outward techniques of prayer of the heart, Metropolitan Kallistos also touches upon the question of possible parallels or influences from other religions on the Jesus Prayer in Eastern Christianity. We are left with a clear impression of the extraordinary saint who, with St Gregory Palamas, initiated the renaissance of hesychasm.
Theological Education in Scripture and the Fathers
In this address, given at the Vth International Consultation of Orthodox Theological Schools at Halki Theological School, Metropolitan Kallistos Ware examines the Orthodox view of the nature of theology and theological education. Who is worthy of being called a theologian? And yet, if a theologian is ‘one who prays’, should not all Christians aspire to be theologians?
We Must Pray for All: The Salvation of the World According to St Silouan
Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia analyses the soteriological theology of St Silouan the Athonite. Identifying the similar sense of cosmic unity found both in Dostoevsky and St Silouan, the Metropolitan discusses the influence of St Isaac the Syrian on both men, moving on to examine St Silouan's burning desire and constant prayer for the salvation of the whole world and its theological implications.
An Icon of Human Freedom
Renowned Orthodox pastor and theologian Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia discusses the nature of freedom in this brief but rich essay, originally given as a University sermon for Lady Day in Oriel College, Oxford University, looking in particular at the ways in which the Mother of God is a model of our true freedom.

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