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Being “Rich towards God” in the Capitalocene: An Ecological/Economic Reading of Luke 12.13-34
Andrew Shepherd

Retranslating Genesis 1–2: Reconnecting Biblical Thought and Contemporary Experience
Theodore Hiebert

Palaces of Ivory or Teeth (Ps 45.9): Carol Adams’s Absent Referent and Ecological Translation of the Psalms
Arthur Walker-Jones

Woe, Horror, Disaster, or Lament? Revisiting Translations of ouai in Revelation 8.13
Barbara R. Rossing
“Do not harm the trees!” Ecology, Empire, and Translation in the Book of Revelation
Peter S. Perry

Towards an Ecological Handbook for Bible Translators
Stephen Pattemore

An Ecocentric Reading of אמת‎, חסד‎, and דעת אלהים‎ in Hosea 4.1-6
Olugbemiro O. Berekiah

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