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Codsi, Stephanie. ‘Father, father, where are you going?’: Epicurean Deism and Absent Fathers in Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience. 

Bostow, Raquelle K. Reconceiving the Divine in Eliette Abécassis’ La répudiée.

Kennel, Maxwell. Violence and the Romance of Community: Darkness and Enlightenment in Patrick Friesen’s The Shunning. 

Daniel, Clay. Auden, Auden’s Milton, and Songs for Virgins. 

Ng, Teng-Kuan. Of Faith and Faithlessness: Adaptive Fidelity in Shusaku Endo’s and Martin Scorsese’s Silence.

Thompson, Robert C. The Chevalier’s Secret: Emma Hardinge Britten and the Dawn of American Occultism. 

Benjamins, Jacob. Are We Living in an Era of Nihilism? Jean-Luc Marion and Reading the Signs of the Times. 

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