Publishing Board to circulate 100,000 copies of the educational publication "School of Faith" in dioceses

To celebrate the Day of Orthodox Books, a book by Archpriest Pavel Velikanov, "School of Faith", has been published. Fr Pavel is the pro-rector of the Moscow Theological Academy and the chief editor of the internet portal Bogoslov.Ru

The book includes five sections: "Axioms of faith," "The man who speaks with God," "The divine commandments," "Life is fleeting," "Where is God when evil is all around?"

Each section consists of short texts. They focus on questions of doctrine and the life of the Church ("The Gospel," "The Church," "The Kingdom of Heaven," "The Sacrament of Priesthood," "The Commandments"), as well as issues of interest to people at all times ("Happiness," "Wisdom," "Beauty," "Conscience," "Creativity").

"It is very important that all the articles in this book sum up, not the end but only the beginning of a conversation about the critical issues of human existence - said the Chairman of the Russian Orthodox Church Publications Board, Metropolitan Kliment of Kaluga and Borovsk, in his preface to the book. “I hope that with each page of the book ‘The School of Faith,’ the reader will come closer to the truth, which for the Orthodox person has never been a philosophical abstraction, having always been the bright face of the Saviour of mankind, our Lord Jesus Christ."

The Publishing Board, with the support of the company "Russian Railways", has distributed 100,000 copies of the educational edition of "The School of Faith" in dioceses for distribution to the faithful and to those who are just beginning to take an interest in questions of faith.

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