Мефодий (Зинковский), иеромонах
The Christian doctrine of the Three Persons in God and the concept of the freedom of the human person
In this revised article, the original of which was given at the International Symposium “The Monotheistic Religions and Human Liberties” at the University of Constanta, Romania, Hieromonks Methody and Kirill Zinkovsky examine the various concepts of personal freedom, arguing that a full definition of freedom is impossible without the revelation of God as a unity of three Persons.
An Icon of Human Freedom
Renowned Orthodox pastor and theologian Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia discusses the nature of freedom in this brief but rich essay, originally given as a University sermon for Lady Day in Oriel College, Oxford University, looking in particular at the ways in which the Mother of God is a model of our true freedom.