Church, World and Kingdom: The Eucharistic Foundation of Alexander Schmemann's Pastoral Theology
In Church, World and Kingdom: The Eucharistic Foundation of Alexander Schmemann's Pastoral Theology, author William C. Mills analyzes the pastoral and Eucharistic theology of the world-renowned Eastern Orthodox priest, pastor, professor, seminary dean, theologian, and author, Alexander Schmemann. Schmemann's theological legacy has influenced all levels of Church life. His books, articles, essays, and sermons are known world-wide and translated into numerous languages and have been referenced by theologians in the East and the West. William C. Mills expertly reminds us that for Alexander Schmemann, the scriptures, doctrine, faith, teachings, practices, and prayers of the Church are expressed and fully realized in the Eucharistic gathering.
Liturgy Training Publications , 2012 г.  144 с.  ISBN 1595250387

Alexander Schmemann's theology was influential from the Second Vatican Council onward, not only on his own Orthodox tradition, but also on Roman Catholic and Protestant liturgical theology. This new research has shed light on the importance of the liturgical and Eucharistic context for ministry, especially highlighting the spiritual, practical, and theological preparation of ordained clergy and the general ministry of the entire body of Christ. This book is primarily devoted to Schmemann's pastoral theology, and will be a welcome addition to the academic and popular understanding of ordained and lay ministry within Christendom, especially within the Orthodox and Roman Catholic sacramental tradition.

“Alexander Schmemann continues to be a major voice in liturgical theology. He guided us back to liturgy as the first or primary source of theology and his work on Baptism and the Eucharist are required reading in liturgy courses. William Mills has another first; in this discerning study--of Schmemann as an important voice in pastoral theology, utilizing liturgy and the sacraments and the essential sources for pastoral care. Mills systematically yet very beautifully reveals another side of this great theologian of our time that of a wise and caring pastor.”—Michael Plekon, Ph.D

"Fr Alexander Schmemann was a man of tremendous theological and pastoral gifts, with uncanny insight into the world and church. In his writing, preaching and teaching he brought theology and life together in a Eucharistic approach that continues to question, critique, inspire and renew. Fr Mills shows convincingly that Schmemann’s work can be seen as pastoral theology. But in doing so, Mills has also beautifully introduced Schmemann to a new generation of Christian readers." —V. Rev. John A. Jillions, Ph.D., 
Chancellor, Orthodox Church in America, 
Associate Professor of Theology Andrei Sheptytsky Institute 
University of St. Paul, Ottawa, Canada

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