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"Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling" - независимый американский научный журнал, посвященный практическим аспектам пастырской психологии. Основан в 1947 году. Содержит бесплатные материалы.

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Walking Together in Exile: Medical Moral Injury and the Clinical Chaplain 
David William Alexander

Embedding Critical Reflection in Training for Spiritual Care Supervision and Practice: The Experience of a Specific Student Group 
Fiona Gardner

The Warrior’s Journey Intervention: A Chaplain-Led Motivational, Preparatory Exercise for Enhancing Treatment Success 
Wesley H Fleming

“Slowed Down but Not Stopped”: A Spiritual Life Review Intervention in Patients with Neurodegenerative Disease 
Terin T. Sytsma, Lori B. Bjork, Sarah M. Jenkins, Krishanu Chatterjee and Katherine M. Piderman

Widening The Gallery Of Biblical Combat Veteran Types With Gideon 
Jan Grimell

A Muslim Chaplaincy for Asylum Seekers? Results from an Evaluation Research Study 
Hansjörg Schmid and Amir Sheikhzadegan

Male Chaplains and Female Soldiers: Are There Gender and Denominational Differences in Military Pastoral Care? 
Daniel L. Roberts and Joann Kovacich

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