Trinity Saint Sergius Lavra

Part III of The Zealot of Athos and Moscow: Memories of the Elder
In the third and final part of the life of Elder Ilarion (Udodov) we read of his life through the eyes of his spiritual children, from those who lived and worshipped with him in his church in Vinogradovo, to those who later became priests and hierarchs of the Church under his guidance and with his prayers. We end by looking at his spiritual successors, in particular his brother, Protopriest Piotr, and Protopriest Vladimir Zhavoronkov, who became the parish priest of the Vinogradovo church.
Part II of The Zealot of Athos and Moscow: Back to Russia
In the second part of the life of Elder Ilarion we follow him back to Russia, which was soon to be overtaken by the darkest times in its history. We see him giving spiritual guidance to a dispersed convent of nuns before and after their exile in Kazakhstan, and then learn of  the elder’s part in the extraordinary story of the hiding of the head of Saint Sergius of Radonezh, ending with a moving account of the first Divine Liturgy at the Trinity St Sergius Monastery, which had been closed for 26 years.