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The Rolling Corpus
Materiality and Pluriformity at Qumran, with Special Consideration of the Serekh ha-Yaḥad
By: James Nati

“Four Kingdoms” in the Dead Sea Scrolls?
A Reconsideration

The Hidden Body as Literary Strategy in 4QWiles of the Wicked Woman (4Q184)
By: Laura Quick

Professional Ethics, Provenance, and Policies
A Survey of Dead Sea Scrolls Scholars
By: Rick Bonnie, Matthew Goff, Jutta Jokiranta, Suzie Thomas, and Shani Tzoref

Jubilees: A Commentary in Two Volumes, by James C. VanderKam
By: Matthew Goff

Converts in the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Gēr and Mutable Ethnicity, by Carmen Palmer
By: Jutta Jokiranta

Time and Its Adversaries in the Seleucid Empire, by Paul J. Kosmin
By: Sylvie Honigman

Frauen in Qumran, by Nicole Rupschus
By: Elisabetta Abate

HĀ-ʾÎSH MŌSHE: Studies in Scriptural Interpretation in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Literature in Honor of Moshe J. Bernstein, by Binyamin Y. Goldstein, Michael Segal, and George J. Brooke (eds.)
By: James Nati

The Reconfiguration of Hebrew in the Hellenistic Period: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on the Hebrew of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ben Sira at Strasbourg University, June 2014, by Jan Joosten, Daniel Machiela, and Jean-Sébastien Rey (eds.)
By: Mathias Coeckelbergs

Figures Who Shape Scriptures, Scriptures That Shape Figures: Essays in Honour of Benjamin G. Wright III, by Géza G. Xeravits and Greg Schmidt Goering (eds.)
By: Olivia Stewart Lester

Law, Literature, and Society in Legal Texts from Qumran: Papers from the Ninth Meeting of the International Organization for Qumran Studies, Leuven 2016, by Jutta Jokiranta and Molly Zahn (eds.)
By: Carmen Palmer

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Study of the Humanities: Method, Theory, Meaning: Proceedings of the Eighth Meeting of the International Organization for Qumran Studies (Munich, 4–7 August, 2013), by Pieter B. Hartog, Alison Schofield, and Samuel I. Thomas (eds.)
By: Hanna Vanonen

Jesus, the Essenes, and Christian Origins: New Light on Ancient Texts and Communities, by Simon J. Joseph
By: Cecilia Wassén

Before the Bible: The Liturgical Body and the Formation of Scriptures in Early Judaism, by Judith H. Newman
By: Andrew Krause

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