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Rowlands, Jonathan. Reception History, Theological Interpretation, and the Future of New Testament Studies.

Chua, Reginald Mary. Aquinas and Romans 11:26.

Cozens, Simon and Ochs, Christoph. “Have You No Shame?” An Overlooked Theological Category as Interpretive Key in Genesis 3.

Morales, Isaac Augustine. Genesis, the Threefold End of Human Beings, and Biblical Eschatology.

Glowasky, Michael. Cognition and Visualization in Early Christian Interpretation of Psalm 23.

Lyons-Pardue, Kara J. A Syrophoenician Becomes a Canaanite: Jesus Exegetes the Canaanite Woman in Matthew.

Heavin, Joshua. Power Made Perfect in Weakness: Theologia Crucis in 2 Corinthians 13:3–4.

Metcalf, Reed. The Atonement in the Letter to the Colossians.

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