St Luke’s Scholarships for Fourth British Patristic Conference

The 4th British Patristics Conference, to be held at the University of Exeter from 5 – 7 September 2012, is pleased to announce it will offer ten St. Luke’s Scholarships

Each scholarship will provide £200 towards conference and travel costs.  Scholarships are available for graduate students and for post-doctoral scholars with no current academic post or source of income.

Please apply to:  Dr Morwenna Ludlow by Friday 10th August 2012.

Please provide the following details:-

1. Full contact details (email and postal address).

2. Your current institution, degree course and academic supervisor (if applicable).

3. The title of your dissertation/thesis, or a short (one sentence) summary of your current research.

4. Your current funding (for example: are you in receipt of a scholarship? does it cover fees alone, or fees and living expenses? does it provide you with a lump sum to set against fees?)

5. Do you have additional sources of funding or additional demands on your income (e.g. do you have dependents)?

6. Are you able to apply for funding from your current institution to cover the cost of this conference?  Have you applied?  Have you been successful?  If so, how much have you been awarded?

You do not necessarily have to provide figures; however, the clearer the information is, the more easily the committee will be able to make their decision.  Decisions will be made on the basis of our judgment of financial circumstances and how much the applicant will benefit from attending the conference, not on academic merit, so please do not provide an academic cv.  We will not contact your supervisor unless we need to clarify your current academic affiliation and/or funding from your current institution.  All information will be treated absolutely confidentially by the conference committee.  It is a condition of the scholarships that the recipients’ names are sent to the St Luke’s College foundation, but the names will not otherwise be publicised.

Applications which have not arrived by noon on Friday 10th August 2012 will not be considered.

The committee will make their decisions as soon as they can.

The committee is very grateful to the St. Luke’s College Foundation for their generosity in making this award and for providing other funding for the conference.  We are particularly pleased that they were prepared to include the 4th British Patristics Conference in their funding round for the 2012-13 academic year.

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